Building New Urban Progress Together

New Urban Progress engages various actors coming from diverse environments to enable a vibrant exchange of thoughts and ideas. Its governance structure relies on a Steering Committee and a Sounding Board of distinguished urban experts and transatlantic analysts from Germany and the United States. Additionally, a group of young leaders from Germany and the U.S. will act as our Project Fellows. They will be part of a transatlantic exchange that takes a hands on approach by bringing them face-to-face with inspiring urban initiatives and projects in both countries. Rounding off our team will be well-known urban actors in Germany and the U.S., who will be invited to take on the role of Project Patrons.

Sounding Board

The transatlantic Sounding Board is composed of renowned professionals from Germany and the United States. Their collective expertise and direction will help mould the work and results into impactful conclusions. Additionally, their diverse networks will ensure that there is sufficient collaboration and conversation between the project and other leading actors on transatlantic and metropolitan policy issues.

Cathryn Clüver Ashbrook is a member of the New Urban Progress Sounding Board.

Cathryn Clüver Ashbrook

Harvard Kennedy School
Daniel S. Hamilton is a member of the New Urban Progress Sounding Board.

Daniel S. Hamilton

Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies
Bruce J. Katz is a member of the Sounding Board of New Urban Progress.

Bruce J. Katz

Nowak Metro Finance Lab
Amy Liu is a member of the New Urban Progress Sounding Board

Amy Liu

Almut Möller is a member fo the New Urban Progress Sounding Board.

Almut Möller

Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
Bret Perkins is a member of the New Urban Progress Sounding Board.

Bret Perkins

Comcast Corporation
Wolfgang Teubner is a member of the NUP Sounding Board.

Wolfgang Teubner

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee gathers representatives of all three Project Partners: Das Progressive Zentrum, Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and the Progressive Policy Institute. Members of this international team work together in order to ensure a timely and effective implementation of the initiative as well as the accuracy and relevance of the topics it tackles.

Dominic Schwickert

Das Progressive Zentrum
The picture portrays Claudia Huber who work for the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and is a member of the New Urban Progress Steering Committee.

Claudia Huber

Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft
Maria Skóra is a member of the NUP Steering Committee and serves as the project´s main coordinator.

Maria Skóra

Das Progressive Zentrum
Elisabeth Mansfeld is the leading the New Urban Progress project for the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft.

Elisabeth Mansfeld

Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft
Neel Brown is a member of the Steering Committee for New Urban Progress.

Neel Brown

Progressive Policy Institute


The New Urban Progress Patrons are mayors that are boldly leading cities towards an innovative and just future. Their main role is to generate excitement and visibility for our transatlantic dialogue. Additional Patrons will be confirmed.

Burkhard Jung

City of Leipzig