Thoughts on New Urban Progress

Here you can find research papers, blogs posts and other articles presenting the reflections and expertise of actors involved in the project. The views expressed in these texts belong solely to the authors and do not necessarily reflect the positions of the Project Partners or Sponsors.

Friday, October 22, Ruhr Valley: Industrial Legacy and Climate Transformation

In the final Trip Journal, New Urban Progress fellows Maria Willett, Melanie Kryst, Richard...

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Wednesday, October 20, Leipzig: “The future of cities. Not for granted.”

In this Trip Journal, Julia Diringer, Julian St. Patrick Clayton, Sinaida Hackmack and Marc...

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Tuesday, October 19, Berlin & Leipzig: Transatlantic Conversations

In this Trip Journal, Grace Levin, Ian Lundy, Jamaal Glenn and Steffen Haake reflect on the...

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Monday, October 18, Berlin: Transformations and the City of the Future

In this Trip Journal, Andrea Jonas, Friedrich Paulsen and Francesca Weber-Newth draw on...

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Sunday, October 17, Berlin: Two Visions, Similar Challenges

In this Trip Journal, Alexander Czeh, Alison Noehrbass, Andrea Gonzalez and Victoria Boeck...

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Transatlantic Recovery and Renewal: Social Mobility and Climate Action

How can cities recover from the pandemic and build their resilience to threats like climate...

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