Thoughts on New Urban Progress

Here you can find research papers, blogs posts and other articles presenting the reflections and expertise of actors involved in the project. The views expressed in these texts belong solely to the authors and do not necessarily reflect the positions of the Project Partners or Sponsors.

Empowering Cities: The American Rescue Plan – New Podcast Episode

Listen to our new podcast episode: We discuss how cities can use Biden’s 1.9 trillion...

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Literature Review: Reading the City

The New Urban Progress working group on Networked Governance and Democracy wrote a...

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Live: Metro Diplomacy – Cities as Transatlantic Changemakers

Did you miss our panel discussion Metro Diplomacy: Cities as Transatlantic Changemakers...

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Cities as Transatlantic Changemakers: Working Paper

Cities as Transatlantic Changemakers – Seeking Common Ground for a Progressive Future...

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Our Mission

New Urban Progress: A Transatlantic Dialogue on Metro Innovation and Democratic Renewal In...

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