Thoughts on New Urban Progress

Here you can find research papers, blogs posts and other articles presenting the reflections and expertise of actors involved in the project. The views expressed in these texts belong solely to the authors and do not necessarily reflect the positions of the Project Partners or Sponsors.

Empowering Cities – The Podcast on New Urban Progress

In a transatlantic forum, the New Urban Progress fellowship discussed solutions and...

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Governance Summit

New Urban Progress In Action

After three years of transatlantic exchange, two trips, ten cities, and four conferences,...

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The NOVA Cities Index: Unlocking Urban Power

The NOVA Cities Index is a tool and framework for cities to live up to their promise of...

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New Urban Progress – The Documentary

The New Urban Progress (NUP) documentary was premiered at the Progressive Governance Summit...

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Empowering Cities Ep. 5 – Building Urban & Transatlantic Infrastructure

What are successful approaches and polices to the most pressing issues for German and US...

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Empowering Cities Ep. 4 – A Blueprint for Progress

City leaders share the same concerns: Climate change, rising inequality, housing insecurity...

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