Empowering Cities Ep. 5 – Building Urban & Transatlantic Infrastructure

What are successful approaches and polices to the most pressing issues for German and US cities? How can cities and international networks strengthen the transatlantic partnership? Listen below for answers and more. 

Episode 5 of the Empowering Cities Podcast

The New Urban Progress fellowship spent three years examining and debating how cities can strengthen the transatlantic relationship. The fellows, partners, a project patron, and members of the sounding board participated in an end-of-fellowship discussion on what the most pressing issues are for urban areas in Germany and the United States, how we can deliver policy to address these challenges, and why cities are central to the transatlantic partnership. The discussion took place at the 2022 Progressive Governance Summit: Joining Forces, in Berlin on October 13th.  


"It is great to meet people and make new friends, but it is even better to do great stuff with each other that is felt very clearly in both cities"
Almut Möller is a member fo the New Urban Progress Sounding Board.
Almut Möller
State Secretary and Plenipotentiary, Hamburg
"As a city, you have to find your direction and definition of who your are (...) and then after that you fight like hell to maintain that vision of what that is"
Julian St. Patrick Clayton
Deputy Director for Policy and Research, Center for NYC Neighborhoods
"The messaging is important but the action has to be there, and the action has to follow and we can all look at these crises and respond with action from both the public and private sector in a way that is complementary and building alliances"
Ian Lundy
Impact Investor, MSquared

This episode is part of our podcast series Empowering Cities. Listen to Episode 4, as our fellows put the NOVA Cities Index as blueprint for progress to test, Episode 3, a look back at the main lessons from the two fellowship trips, Episode 2 on how to finance the green transformation, and Episode 1 on the American Rescue Plan