Empowering Cities Ep. 3: Forging a Transatlantic Dialogue

Does Germany struggle with its unhoused populations the same way as cities in the United States do? What can the U.S. learn from Germany when it comes to improving public transportation infrastructure?

Episode 3 of the Empowering Cities Podcast

In this episode, New Urban Progress fellows, Maria Willett and Steffen Haake share impressions from their trips through Germany and the United States, including how cities deal with modernizing their transportation system, drawing up inclusive housing and establishing public safety infrastructure. Moderated by New Urban Progress steering committee member, Neel Brown. 

“This trip reemphasized for me, that we need diverse housing options; we need to be more innovative about how we think about housing”
Maria Willett
Chief of Staff, Rochester Hills, Michigan
“To anybody who says we can’t think big about public transportation, I can now point to Wuppertal”
Neel Brown is a member of the Steering Committee for New Urban Progress.
Neel Brown
NUP Steering Committee Member (PPI)

This episode was produced and first released by the Progressive Policy Institute, post-production and additional recordings done by Das Progressive Zentrum.


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