New Urban Progress

New Urban Progress is a transatlantic dialogue on how urban areas can be more innovative, democratic, and sustainable. By exchanging best practices and collaborating on bold solutions, young urban leaders from Germany and the United States are working on how to deliver social and economic progress while renewing the transatlantic partnership at the city level.

Developing a Future Vision for German and U.S. Cities

During the past decade, democratic institutions in Europe and the United States have faced existential challenges. The climate crisis, rising inequalities and illiberal political actors all require innovative and collaborative responses. New Urban Progress is an answer to these crises based on the idea that cities are ideal actors to face these challenges and build new bridges across the Atlantic.

Through learning from one another and thinking outside of conventional policies, young urban leaders from Germany and the United States will deliver recommendations on how urban areas can solve global challenges by strengthening local democracies.

New Urban Progress brings together 20 fellows from both sides of the Atlantic. As a group, they are strengthening transatlantic bonds between Germany and the United States with a people-oriented approach.

The fellows are organized in three working groups:

  1. Inclusive growth and innovation
  2. Networked governance and democracy
  3. Sustainability and social mobility

News and Publications

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Diego Rivas

Elisabeth Mansfeld is the leading the New Urban Progress project for the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft.

Elisabeth Mansfeld

Neel Brown is a member of the Steering Committee for New Urban Progress.

Neel Brown