Empowering Cities Ep. 4 – A Blueprint for Progress

City leaders share the same concerns: Climate change, rising inequality, housing insecurity and health inequity, to name a few. They all talk about working towards progress. But how can a city’s progress in these areas be assessed?

Episode 4 of the Empowering Cities Podcast

In this episode, New Urban Progress fellows Richard Lawrence Jr. and Maria Willett present their NOVA Cities Index, a blueprint with the goal to help city leaders focus on how to make their city more innovative, green, and equitable. They are joined by Katie Rosenberg and Julie Richier to debate how useful these metrics actually are and also discuss how urban power can bring progress locally, regionally and transatlantically. The session is hosted by Cathryn Clüver Ashbrook.

“We liken the progress of cities to stars or constellations. You have cities that shine bright like a supernova”
Richard Lawrence Jr.
Principle Planner, Alexandria, Virginia

This episode was recorded at the Progressive Governance Summit 2022. For the full session, which was called “Urban Power: Uniting Progressives in Cities & Across Regions” and included Brian Hanson, watch our recording of the entire session. 

This episode is part of our podcast series Empowering Cities. Listen to Episode 3, a look back at the main lessons from the two fellowship trips, Episode 2 on how to finance the green transformation, and Episode 1 on the American Rescue Plan